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Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Week

Last Sunday, our flat started to take on the look of a craft studio. Where once a romantic candlelight table for two sat now sits a sewing machine and piles of fabric.  
As the week progressed raw fabric started to take the shape of pillow cases. These five pillowcases, are the second set that we made and we made one more today. Our choices of patterns are starting to get low so the number may stay at 11 until we get more fabric. 
 Due to the exciting auctioning happening on Ebay, Laura has gotten straight to work on a second owl tonight. (I'm not entirely sure who the two members of the Tanguay family are who are trying to out bid each other but I'm sure one of them is my Mom). I think Laura's owl will turn out to be better than mine.
My Mom e-mailed me tonight to tell me how she got on with the fabric shopping: 
"I went to Mardens and found several discounted fabrics for the pillowcases in 'boy' prints. While I was getting the fabric cut the clerk asked what i was doing with the fabric and i told her about your project. An older woman behind me said how wonderful it was and handed me $20.00 for more fabric."

Many thanks to those who have sent us donations and many more thanks to the perfect stranger.


  1. Hi guys, Dad and Julia here. Great job we love what you are doing, they look fab, especially the owl xx

  2. Mark and Laura,

    Got a cash donation from a friend at work today. Will mail it to your mom.