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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donations from the States

Laura and I understand how impractical it is for Americans to send checks and how expensive it is to post anything overseas.

My mother has agreed (with a little arm twisting) to accept any fabric and monetary donations on our behalf. She will then use any monetory donations to purchase additional fabric and post a single package containing all of the donations. One or two bulk posting rather than a bunch of little ones.

One of the things that Laura and I are going to do is take photos of all of the completed pillow cases so that those who donate fabric can see the final product of that donation and if any photos are sent to us from the recipient of a pillow we will also be posting these (pending permission). Unlike other charities, those who donate will be in the rare position of being able to see exactly how their donation was used.
So as not to place my parents address for all to see, if you would like the address please contact Laura and I by e-mail at   

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