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Friday, April 27, 2012

The 1,2,3s and A,B,Cs of Making Pillowcases

Making pillowcases can be very fun and rewarding; however, it is important that you follow the directions properly - especially if you are planning on donating your pillowcases to a hospital. I have set out below some easy how-to steps for creating a beautiful, child friendly pilowcase which will brighten the walls of any drab looking hospital room.

Step One: Go with your partner or friends to somewhere that sells fabric. This can be a nice outing to go on as it is fun to pick out all of the different combinations of fabric that you want to use.

Step Two: Make tea/coffee to help motivate your husband to continue cutting up all of the fabric into pillowcase bodies and ends.

Step Three: Match up bodies with ends and give husband a back rub as he slaves over the sewing machine, stitching them together.

Step Four: Take photos of your newest creations and share them with others by posting them on your blog.

Step Five: After your husband has washed, ironed and packaged the pillowcases, place a couple of stamps on your gift box and pop it in the post. 

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