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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am delighted to announce that, having now completed 50 pillowcases, we are half way to reaching our 100 pillowcase goal!

Here is a photo of the latest 5 designs.

These past few months have certainly been a steep learning curve for me and so far there has only been one personal injury 'incident' - always make sure you take your foot off the foot pedal when threading the needle by the way. Mark has taught me a lot and we are blessed by the knowledge he has gained from his mum - not to mention the sewing machine he brought over with him from America! Together we continue to work hard and expand our knowledge and ability.

And, for all you scrap owl fans, I can confirm that 3 more are in progress...!

Thank you again to all of those still checking up on us - so far we have had over 2200 visitors.

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